Gay and Lesbian Harassment

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In New York it is illegal to discriminate against an employer to discriminate because of your sexual orientation. Most people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community do not need to be shown statistics to know the discrimination they experience every day at work. Nearly 41% of gay and lesbian adults face some form of hostility or harassment on the job. Some are even fired or forced to quit because of their sexual orientation. Although most Americans support the fair treatment of gay and lesbian employees at work, the law has been slow to catch up: it is still legal in most states to fire employees based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. Speak with our New York discrimination lawyers today.

Examples of gay and lesbian workplace harassment include:

  • Denial of equal pay or employment
  • Failure to provide equal benefits
  • Lewd comments or jokes
  • Offensive remarks about personal life
  • Taunts about partners or spouses
  • Termination or denial of promotion
  • Unfair evaluations of job performance
  • Verbal and sexual assaults

Unlike more “conventional” forms of gender discrimination, homophobia is a large obstacle to reporting and taking remedial action in these cases. A slow economy and fear of retaliation make gay and lesbian workers think twice about exposing the violation. More than other victims, those who have had to hide or tolerate such offensive behavior in the past are more hesitant to directly confront the perpetrator or complain about the harassment. Many gay and lesbian victims also fear that their sexual orientation, not the harassment, will become the focus of the inquiry.

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Same-sex harassment violates constitutional statutes and established case law. In Oncale v. Sundower , the Supreme Court held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits gay and lesbian harassment. This case establishes that victims of sexual harassment have the right to bring a cause of action for workplace harassment against perpetrators of the same gender. In Oncale, men working on an off-shore rig constantly humiliated a male employee and threatened him with rape. Supervisors did nothing to discipline the perpetrators or help the victim. In fact, one manager participated in the sex-related behavior by touching the victim’s body with his exposed genitals. Co-workers even sodomized the victim in the shower using a bar of soap. The Supreme Court ruled that Title VII’s prohibition against harassment covered these types of same-sex claims in which liability is dependent upon the gay or lesbian harasser.


New York Human Rights Law likewise prohibits sexual harassment based on sexual orientation. Under state law, victims of gay and lesbian discrimination may sue the perpetrators for sexual harassment if the offensive conduct interfered with the employee’s work and fostered a hostile workplace. In order to recover, the victims must prove that the responsible party participated in the sexual harassment or failed to remedy the conduct once he or she became aware of it. Our New York sexual harassment attorneys can explain the application of federal and state laws to your case and how these laws support your claim .

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If you believe you are suffering harassment due to your sexual orientation, consult the skilled New York gay and lesbian sexual harassment lawyers of Phillips & Associates today. Our firm has successfully handled many types of employment discrimination cases and is dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you deserve. We do not charge attorney’s fees unless you receive compensation. Call (212) 248-7431 for a free consultation or Contact Us online.

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