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Sexual Jokes and Comments Can Cause a Hostile Workplace

Sharing inappropriate sexual jokes and comments in the workplace is a form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination because it is based on outdated stereotypes regarding a person's sex. Unwelcome sexual jokes may be used to demean a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. They can be thinly-veiled attempts to insult a co-worker or gang up on someone different. Sexual comments are likewise unwelcome statements relating to a person's sex. They can range from passing remarks about a person's appearance to hostile criticism of someone's sexual preference. In many cases, the victim often feels pressured to tolerate or even participate in such behavior, even if it is offensive and objectionable. Examples of sexual jokes and comments that might give rise to sexual harassment include:

  • Sexual innuendos or stories
  • Lewd jokes, images, or videos
  • Base or crass humor relating to sex
  • Unwelcome sexual teasing or gestures
  • "Gag" gifts such as sex toys and merchandise
  • Whistling, cat calls, kissing or smacking sounds
  • Use of derogatory terms to describe sex
  • Turning work discussions to sexual topics
  • Spreading rumors about a person's sex life
  • Unnecessary or unwelcome sexual references
  • Personal asides about sexual fantasies, preference, or history
  • Sexual comments about a person's clothing, anatomy, or looks

Our attorneys handle sexual harassment cases in the New York City area. Our consultation is free and there is no fee unless we recover. Call and speak to a New York discrimination attorney at (866) 229-9441.

Various Laws Protect You From Unwelcome Sexual Conduct

Federal, state, and local laws protect employees against sexual harassment, including the use of unwelcome sexual jokes or comments. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 explicitly prohibits sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the workplace. The New York City and New York State Human Rights Laws also make it unlawful to refuse to hire, employ, to bar, discharge, or otherwise discriminate against individuals based on sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) monitors New York's compliance with city, state, and federal regulations that require equal employment practices. EEOC guidelines forbid unwelcome sexual jokes or comments if employment is conditioned upon "submission to such conduct" or if they unreasonably interfere with work performance, creating a hostile work environment.

While isolated incidents of sexual jokes or comments are not actionable, a pattern or practice of harassing conduct is. Seemingly innocuous comments about a person's sex can constitute harassment if they occur with such frequency or severity as to unreasonably interfere with the victim's work. Whether the workplace habitually tolerates unwelcome jokes and comments becomes a question for the jury. Many employers fail to realize what sexual jokes and comments sound like in court. The same teasing that seems innocuous at work may not be as amusing to a judge or jury. It is thus important to document all incidents of what you perceived to be harassing conduct and ask an attorney whether such conduct contributes to an actionable offense. Our discrimination attorneys handle sexual harassment claims the New York City area. Call today and speak to a sexual harassment lawyer at (866) 229-9441.

Look For Help if You Are a Victim of Sexual Jokes and Comments

If you are the butt of inappropriate sexual jokes or comments, contact the experienced New York discrimination attorneys of Phillips & Associates today. We have successfully handled all types of sexual harassment claims in the New York City area, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for victims who thought they had to suffer in silence. At Phillips & Associates, we understand that bringing a sexual harassment claim can be daunting and are committed to helping you pursue your claim with dignity and respect. Our consultation is free and there is no fee unless we recover. 

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