Phillips & Associates Wins $2.31 Million Verdict

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In 2018, Brittany A. Stevens, and Nicole A. Welch of Phillips & Associates obtained a $2.31 million verdict in the case of Sooroojballie v. Port Authority of NY and NJ, et al. Issues in the case included civil rights violations, hostile work environment, race discrimination, failure to promote, and intentional torts. If you were subjected to violations of your civil rights or your workplace rights, you should consult the New York City employment lawyers at Phillips & Associates. As this case shows, our attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees.

Top Verdict listed the $2.31 million verdict in Sooroojballie as one of its Top 50 Jury Verdicts for Labor & Employment cases in the country. It was also listed as one of its Top 100 Jury Verdicts in New York for 2018. Of course, not every case will result in such a large jury verdict, since each case is unique. The nature and amount of damages in an employment discrimination or harassment lawsuit can vary, depending on the law under which damages are pursued.

Laws Protecting Employees from Discrimination

Employment discrimination lawsuits, such as race discrimination lawsuits, can be pursued under federal, state, or local laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the federal law that prohibits race discrimination. The New York State Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law also prohibit race discrimination.

Generally, the New York City Human Rights Law is considered one of the most plaintiff-friendly anti-discrimination laws in the country. It prohibits discrimination based on a range of protected characteristics, including race and color. For example, if your employer believes that you are not well-suited for a promotion to a managerial position because you are black, you may have a claim of race discrimination.

Moreover, in 2019, the New York City Commission on Human Rights issued guidance that prohibits workplace race discrimination and harassment based on the style and length of an employee’s hair, if an employer has at least four employees. For example, if you were not promoted because of the style of your hair as a black woman, you may have a claim of race discrimination.

Race discrimination occurs whenever an adverse action is taken based on an employee’s race. It can take the form of failure to promote, or it can take the form of failure to hire, termination, or disparate pay. Harassment involving racial slurs is also a type of discrimination.

Racial Slurs

If you faced racial slurs in the workplace, these slurs may be evidence of racial discrimination, or they may be the basis of a racial harassment lawsuit. Racial harassment may take the form of a hostile work environment. Coworkers, supervisors, managers, clients, and customers can all create a hostile work environment. You can bring a hostile work environment claim if the racial harassment that you face is either so severe or so pervasive that it alters the work environment and makes it hostile or offensive. For example, if your coworkers call you the n-word, you may have a basis to recover damages for racial harassment. If you are a victim of harassment, you should let the harasser know that his or her behavior is unwelcome. You should also follow any grievance procedures outlined in your employment contract or manual. If no grievance procedures are outlined, you should let HR at your company know what happened, and you should give it an opportunity to respond appropriately to the racial harassment or hostile work environment.

Retain a Seasoned Race Discrimination Attorney

If you suffered harm because of discrimination based on your race, you should consult Phillips & Associates. We have achieved many substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients, whom we represent on a contingency fee basis. Our firm represents employees in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. Call us at (866) 229-9441 or contact us through our online form.

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