Race Discrimination During The Interview Or Hiring Process

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Unfortunately, racial discrimination is still an ongoing problem, especially in the workplace. One of the most common places for it to occur is during a job interview or in the midst of a company’s hiring process. It may not always be easy to tell whether an employer’s actions are motivated by racial biases and prejudices, but both federal and New York City laws provide a broad range of protections for workers who face this unjust and unlawful treatment. At Phillips & Associates, our dedicated employment discrimination lawyers can help job applicants throughout New York City bring a claim against a racially discriminatory employer for unfair treatment that you received during an interview or other hiring situation.

Understanding Legal Protections for Racial Discrimination Victims

Racial discrimination takes place when an employer’s hiring decision is motivated by the applicant’s race or national origin instead of the applicant’s skills, qualifications, or aptitude. This unlawful conduct can also occur when the employer enacts policies or procedures that are designed to disqualify certain racial groups from applying for or being selected for a position.

According to federal laws, an employer with more than 15 employees may be subject to legal penalties for making hiring decisions based on an applicant’s race, including stereotypes and assumptions about the applicant’s work ethic or fitness for a position. Additionally, New York State and City laws prohibit employers who have four or more employees from engaging in similar conduct.

Recognizing Improper Conduct During an Interview

Although most employers will try to be subtle in the way they ask about an applicant’s racial background or national origin, there are a few ways that applicants can examine an employer’s potentially discriminatory motivations. If a job application asks about an applicant’s race or national origin, and all applications with similar responses are denied employment, the applicant may be able to allege a pattern of discriminatory conduct.

Other common examples include when an employer only posts job opportunities in communities or areas that have a very low population of a specific group, or when an employer reduces a salary offer made to minority applicants. Questions that may appear innocent during an interview may also have a hidden discriminatory intent, such as asking about whether an applicant’s parents immigrated to the United States or whether his or her relatives live in the country.

Discuss Your Discrimination Claim with a New York City Lawyer

If you applied for a position or participated in an interview and believe that the employer engaged in racially discriminatory conduct at any stage in that process, you may be entitled to compensation. At Phillips & Associates, our experienced New York City attorneys understand that discrimination or a wrongful termination can be devastating for workers trying to earn a living. We can fight for your rights and ensure that you are fully aware of your options along each step of the way. We proudly represent workers and job applicants across all of the New York City boroughs, including Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx as well as in Westchester County and Long Island. We offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose. Call us now at (866) 229-9441 or contact us online to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

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