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Sonia Nasrin

Intake Specialist

Sonia Nasrin is an intake specialist for the seasoned New York City employment discrimination lawyers of Phillips & Associates. She is dedicated to workers’ rights and provides compassionate service to employees who have experienced unjust discrimination at the hands of their employer.

Prior to joining Phillips & Associates, Ms. Nasrin has been employed in a wide range of roles at various companies, and hence she has keen insight into the way companies work, and the employer-employee relationship. She has been a salesperson, receptionist, and restaurant hostess. From 2018 to 2020, she served as a paralegal at Gursoy Law Firm where she assisted lawyers and worked on cases involving asylum, green card through marriage, citizenship and FOIA. She was an assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of Sherman Abrams Lab from 2020-2022. In that role, she dispersed diagnosis codes, performed data entry, assisted the accountant and HR, trained new reference lab assistants, and handled a range of administrative tasks.

Ms. Nasrin worked as an administrative assistant for many different major corporations from 2022 to 2023. She managed a high volume of incoming calls efficiently and professionally, provided administrative support, and oversaw the front desk

Employment Lawsuits

When you first come to see us for your employment litigation matter at Phillips & Associates, Ms. Nasrin may be an early point of contact for your case. She will take down information about what happened to you and flag important issues for the attorneys handling your case. Whether you faced sexual harassment [link to sexual harassment] or race discrimination [link to race discrimination] or another form of workplace discrimination, your case is likely to be fact-intensive, and it’s critical to give all details to Ms. Nasrin, who can make sure the attorneys have the information needed to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

Employment lawsuits may be pursued under state, federal, or local laws. Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited under the New York State Human Rights Law, the New York City Human Rights Law, and several federal laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The New York State Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination based on a wide range of protected characteristics and unlike federal laws, which prohibit discrimination at medium-sized or larger companies, but not small ones, it protects employees of companies that have at least 4 employees, even if they don’t all work in the same location.

Interpretations of federal laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act involve substantial case law. Title VII protects against race, sex, national origin, color, and religion. Some case law protects against sexual orientation protection, but it’s not an express trait that’s protected. The ADA protects employees with disabilities, actual or perceived. The ADEA protects employees who are at least 40 years old. However, the federal laws don’t expressly prohibit certain kinds of discrimination that are protected under the New York law. For example, the state law explicitly prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or domestic violence status.

Certain relatively recent amendments have also brought the state law into line with the New York City Human Rights Law, which has a long history as one of the strongest and most liberal civil rights laws in the country. For instance, with a disability discrimination lawsuit, the court is obligated to show that a reasonable accommodation is anything that doesn’t cause undue hardship—but the burden of showing this is now on the employer.


If our seasoned trial attorneys are able to establish your employer or former employer’s liability, we may be able to recover emotional distress, back pay, front pay, and out-of-pocket costs, such as those costs you incurred as a result of the discrimination. Sometimes, in cases of an employer’s egregious misconduct, punitive damages are available.

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Ms. Nasrin is a trustworthy legal intake specialist who assists the New York City employment discrimination lawyers of Phillips & Associates in gathering all the facts relevant to pursuing damages on your behalf. Complete our online form or call us at (866) 229-9441. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis and offer free consultations.