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What Laws Protect Employees Against Discrimination? - September 2019

Employment discrimination is something our country has been working to eliminate for, almost since our founding when the Fifth Amendment was written stating that the government could not deprive an individual of their "life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness." The federal government has continued to expand on this theme, particularly in an employment context. Read More...

Understanding Paid Family Leave - August 2019

The State of New York has one of the strongest paid family leave policies in the nation, which means that employees get to take advantage of both federal protections as well as increased state-level policies. Read More...

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Recent Amendments to the New York State Human Rights Law Afford Greater Protection from Sexual Harassment and Discrimination - July 2019

Often, when people are subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment at work, they are fearful of losing their jobs and uncertain about which steps to take to prevent such adverse acts. Fortunately, New York employees are protected from harassment and discrimination under state and federal laws. Read More...

Is Workplace Harassment Illegal? - June 2019

There is no question that workplace harassment is illegal, and you should not be subjected to harassment while you are trying to work. However, how do you define harassment? Is a co-worker telling an off-color joke harassment? What about when an over-excited boss starts giving out hugs? Read More...

Understanding Wrongful Termination - April 2019

New York is an at-will employment state, meaning that businesses can hire and fire employees as they need them. They can fire someone because staffing needs have changed or for no reason at all. Wrongful termination in New York occurs when your employer fires you, not for a legitimate reason, but for a (usually) underlying discriminatory reason. Read More...

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