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Victory for Ms. Weng and Our Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

Following a three-day jury trial held before District Judge Arthur D. Spatt, our discrimination attorneys, Jessenia Maldonado & Steven Fingerhut, obtained a judgment in the amount of $77,054.64, including attorney fees and costs, for a client who was discriminated against by her supervisor, Winnie Li, and ultimately terminated from her employment from Fancy Lee Sushi Bar and Grill, based on her gender and pregnancy. Our attorneys successfully presented sufficient evidence and testimony for the jury to return a verdict in Plaintiff's favor, achieving justice for their client. Weng v. Fancy Lee Sushi Bar & Grill, Inc., 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 183657 (E.D.N.Y., Nov. 18, 2017).

10 Best Labor Law Badge

The Phillips & Associates Has Been Nominated and Accepted as 2017 AIOLC’s 10 Best Labor & Employment Attorney in New York For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute Of Legal Counsel has recognized the exceptional performance of New York’s Labor & Employment Law Firm, Phillips & Associates as 2017 10 Best Legal Counsel for Client Satisfaction.

The American Institute Of Legal Counsel is a third-party attorney rating organization that publishes an annual list of Top 10 Labor & Employment Attorney in each state. Attorneys who are selected to the "10 Best" list must pass AIOLC's rigorous selection process, which is based on client and/or peer nominations, thorough research, and AIOLC’s independent evaluation. AIOLC's annual list was created to be used as a resource for clients during the attorney selection process.

One of the most significant aspects of the selection process involves attorneys' relationships and reputation among his or her clients. As clients should be an attorney's top priority, AIOLC places the utmost emphasis on selecting lawyers who have achieved significant success in the field of Labor & Employment without sacrificing the service and support they provide. Selection criteria therefore focus on attorneys who demonstrate the highest standards of Client Satisfaction.

We congratulate the Phillips & Associates on this achievement and we are honored to have their as a 2017 AIOLC Member. You can contact William Phillips directly at (212) 248-7431 or

Silvia Stanciu

Discrimination attorney, Silvia Stanciu discusses the recent increase in sexual harassment cases. "#metoo is raising awareness, but taking sexual abuse to court is a minefield" - See more at

Harvey Weinstein

Sexual harassment attorney, Marjorie Mesidor discusses the Harvey Weinstein allegations and "Sexual Harassment Isn't Just a Problem for the Rich and Famous" - See more at:

Trial Boot Camp Phillips & Associates attends the National Employment Lawyers Association's Trial Boot Camp

Sexual Harassment attorneys, Steven Fingerhut and Casey Wolnowski attended the National Employment Lawyers Association's ("NELA") "Trial Boot Camp" in Chicago. Trial Boot Camp is an intensive three-day skills-based program specifically designed for plaintiffs' employment lawyers at all levels of trial experience. The Boot Camp features interactive demonstrations and presentations on successful techniques and strategies for trying employment cases, as well as mock proceedings designed to mimic the rigorous pace and schedule of trial. Topics covered include opening statements, closing arguments, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, the rules of evidence, jury selection, and more.

NELA is the largest professional membership organization in the country comprising lawyers who represent workers in labor, employment, and civil rights disputes. NELA advances employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace. The more than 4,000 members of NELA and its 69 circuit, state, and local Affiliates are committed to working on behalf of those who have been treated illegally in the workplace To read more about NELA

Bryan Arce Phillips & Associates is pleased to announce Bryan Arce has been certified as a member of the "Million Dollar Advocates" Forum

The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is recognized as one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts, awards and settlements. The organization was founded in 1993 and there are approximately 5000 members located throughout the country. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Forum membership acknowledges excellence in advocacy, and provides members with a national network of experienced colleagues for professional referral and information exchange in major cases. Members must have acted as principal counsel in at least one case in which their client has received a verdict, award or settlement in the amount of one million dollars or more. Please see our website for further details concerning membership qualifications. Mr. Arce is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School and a Managing Partner at the employment law firm of Phillips & Associates. He handles workplace discrimination & sexual harassment cases including, discrimination based on race, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, age, sexual orientation and national origin, and also overtime violations. SEE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE HERE

*Bryan Arce was selected to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Membership to the forum is issued by Million Dollar Advocates Forum. A description of the selection methodology can be found at No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

NELA Phillips & Associates attends the NELA Annual Convention in San Antonio Texas.

Discrimination attorney, Brittany Stevens, attended the National Employment Lawyers Associations ("NELA") conference, June 21-24, 2017. The conference included several important programs on defending workers' rights in the workplace, including Discrimination during the Hiring Process, Litigating Wage & Hour Cases, The State Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace and Defending LGBT Workers From Discrimination.

NELA is the country's largest organization of lawyers who exclusively or primarily represent employees in cases involving employment discrimination, illegal workplace harassment, wrongful termination, denial of employee benefits, and other employment-related matters. Founded in 1985, NELA and its 69 state and local Affiliates have more than 4,000 members nationwide. Read More...

Phillips & Associates Opens a New Jersey Office in PrincetonPhillips & Associates Opens a New Jersey Office in Princeton

Recently, Phillips & Associates opened a new employment law office in Princeton, New Jersey. The managing partner of the office is Bryan Arce, and the other lead attorneys in the office are Silvia Stanciu and Erica Shnayder. Mr. Arce, Ms. Stanciu, and Ms. Shnayder are experienced New Jersey employment lawyers who take pride in providing legal representation to victims of employer misconduct. Read More...

Gregory Calliste Welcoming the Addition of Gregory Calliste

Phillips & Associates is pleased to welcome accomplished New York City employment lawyer Gregory Calliste, Jr. to the firm. Mr. Calliste has handled legal matters in both state and federal courts, as well as in administrative agencies such as the EEOC and the New York State Division of Human Rights, for 13 years. His experience as an employment discrimination attorney includes advocating for workers in well-over 50 discrimination lawsuits. In one case, for example, Mr. Calliste was part of a litigation team that won a $4.7 million verdict for a Yemeni-American employee, who was being discriminated against by his coworkers and then he was verbally and physically assaulted at his place of employment. Read More...

Bryan Arce and Legal Team Welcoming the Addition of Bryan Arce and His Legal Team

Phillips & Associates is pleased to welcome New York City employment attorney Bryan Arce and his distinguished legal team, which includes Erica Shnayder, Silvia Stanciu, Gregory Kirschenbaum, and Iris Ramirez. We know that Mr. Arce and his team will provide outstanding service to workers and employees who need a sexual harassment attorney or representation in bringing an employment discrimination or retaliation claim, among other employment matters. Read More...

NELA/NY 19th Annual GalaPhillips & Associates attends the NELA/NY 19th Annual Gala in New York

Sexual harassment attorneys Bill Phillips, Bryan Arce and Greg Kirschenbaum are proud to be in attendance and a Silver Sponsor at NELA/NY's Annual Gala.

Picture of Marjorie MesidorMarjorie Mesidor Appointed Partner at Phillips & Associates

Ms. Mesidor joined PHILLIPS & ASSOCIATES as Lead Counsel in 2011. She has committed her five years at the firm to providing outstanding service to clients who have been the victims of sexual harassment and discrimination based on race, gender, disability, and other protected characteristics. Ms. Mesidor regularly prosecutes employment actions against Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations accused of discrimination including claims of sexual misconduct. During her tenure, Ms. Mesidor has achieved over $14.5M in settlements, awards and judgments for her clients. She rose to notoriety in 2013 she procured a unanimous jury award in Johnson v. STRIVE, a landmark case decidedly settling the issue of whether those of the same race can discriminate against one another. In addition, her work against the disparate impact of “poor door” policies on rent stabilized tenants has earned her recognition by the Office of the Public Advocate. Read More...

Picture of Casey Wolnowski

Phillips & Associates attorney Casey Wolnowski successfully argues first impression case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

On August 29, 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit explicitly recognized “cat’s paw” liability in Title VII discrimination matters, and further found that liability may be imputed to the employer on the basis of employer negligence. Casey Wolnowski, of Phillips & Associates, argued the case before the Second Circuit. The “cat’s paw” theory is based upon a poem by Aesop whereby a monkey tricks a naïve cat into pulling roasting chestnuts from a fire, only to eat all the chestnuts once pulled from the fire while the cat is left with nothing but burnt paws. Read More...

Picture of Brittany Stevens and David Schwartz

Phillips & Associates Attends the Practising Law Institute Discrimination Law Conference

Discrimination attorneys Brittany Stevens and David Schwartz attended the Practising Law Institute's Employment Discrimination Law & Litigation conference on June 20, 2016. The conference included key topics such as: Discrimination Claims Arising from Employer Hiring Policies, Age Claims, Harassment Claims, Trying a Discrimination Case: From Soup to Nuts and Ethical Considerations, and Working with the Agencies. Phillips & Associates continues to educate ourselves on recent developments in the law so that we can best serve our clients. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the law so that all of our clients receive the highest form of advocacy.

Picture of Steve, Bill & Josh

Phillips & Associates Attends the Spring 2016 NELA/NY Conference

Discrimination Attorneys, Josh Frank, Steven Fingerhut and Bill Phillips attend the New York City Conference on Representing Employees at the Yale Club. The conference includes important topics such as the New York Woman's Equality Act, Practicing at the NYC Commission on Human Rights, Wage and Hour Settlements and Post-Trial Motions. Phillips & Associates continues to participate in conferences geared toward employees facing discrimination or sexual harassment. While many employment firms will represent the employer one day and an employee another, we only represent employees. We will fight for your rights in the workplace.

Picture of William K. Phillips

Phillips & Associates Attends The Advanced Employment Law and Litigation Conference in Washington, D.C.

Discrimination Attorney, Bill Phillips attends the Advanced Employment Law and Litigation Conference hosted by the American Law Institute ("ALI"), This advanced two-day program reviews today's most significant employment law topics and litigation trends on discrimination law, including sexual orientation and identity, pregnancy, and disability discrimination. The conference includes an insightful live mock trial of an employment case presented to a jury by skilled trial attorneys, followed by a real-time jury deliberation and critique. For more information about the American Law Institute see:

Picture of William K. Phillips

Phillips & Associates Attends the Trial Lawyers Summit

New York Discrimination Law Firm Phillips & Associates, attended 2016 Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami, Florida. Hosted by the National Trial Lawyers Association's, the conference featured an amazing lineup of over 40 of the nation's top speakers covering the latest trends, new case types and topics. For the 3rd year in a row the Trial Lawyer Magazine has rated the Trial Lawyer Summit the #1 conference of the year!!!! For more information see

Casey Wolnowski

Phillips & Associates employment attorney, Casey Wolnowski discusses Thursday's deflate gate appeal on WBUR.

By Deborah Becker

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his attorneys will now await word from a federal appeals court on whether his four-game suspension stemming from the use of under-inflated footballs will be reinstated.

A three-judge panel heard arguments in the case Thursday in New York City. The NFL is appealing a lower court's ruling that vacated Brady's suspension.

Casey Wolnowski, an employment attorney in New York City who attended the hearing Thursday as an observer, says it appears the judges were favoring the NFL's case. To listen to the interview see:

Pillips and Associates

Phillips & Associates Attends The Employment Law Institute, Hosted By The New York City Bar

New York sexual harassment attorney, Bill Phillips attends the Employment Law Institute hosted by the New York City Bar. This conference will examine recent trends, developments, and issues in employment law. Topics to be discussed include regulators' enforcement priorities and perspectives with guest speakers from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCHRC). The institute will discuss legal issues arising both in dismissal of an employee including retaliation & other possible claims and handling requests for leave & religious & disability accommodations. The conference includes a number of breakout sessions such as prosecuting & defending wage & hour cases, drafting & negotiating effective settlement agreements. - See more at:

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates attends the NELA/NY 18th Annual Gala at the Manhattan Penthouse

Phillips & Associates was proud to be in attendance and a Platinum Sponsor to honor NELA/NY’s Legislative Committee for their outstanding work in for the passage of the Attorneys Fees Bill. On October 21, Governor Cuomo signed into law an amendment to the New York State Human Rights Law that now provides for attorneys’ fees to the prevailing party in gender discrimination cases. Congratulations to the Legislative Committee for a job well done!!

Steven Fingerhut

Phillips & Associates Welcomes A New Discrimination Attorney

Phillips & Associates is proud to announce the addition of Steven Fingerhut to its sexual harassment and discrimination law practice. Steven has experience in all matters relating to employment discrimination and civil rights. He joins the firm’s 11 other attorneys fighting for employees rights in the workplace. Phillips & Associates is one of the few firms in New York that only represent employees who have been victims of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Casey Wolnowski

Phillips & Associates Attends the Trial Boot Camp in Chicago

Discrimination Attorney, Casey Wolnowski participates in the National Employment Lawyers Association’s Trial Boot Camp. The Trial Boot Camp is an intensive three-day skills-based program specifically designed for plaintiffs’ employment lawyers. For more information see

Phillips and Associates

Phillips & Associates Attends the Fall 2015 NELA/NY Conference

Discrimination Attorneys, Nicole Welch, Dorina Cela and Jessenia Maldonado attend the New York City Conference on Representing Employees at the Yale Club. Alex Umansky was a panelist discussing closing arguments in discrimination cases. Of Counsel, Jesse Rose was a panelist discussing gender discrimination claims by men.


Boston radio station WBUR 90.9 FM follows up with attorney Nicole Welch to get her take on where the parties in Tom Brady's federal court case stand following their submission of briefs and oral argument.


Phillips & Associates' attorneys Casey Wolnowski and Nicole Welch were recently interviewed by Boston radio station WBUR 90.9 FM

Following the status conference in the federal court case involving the NFL and Tom Brady. Casey Wolnowski and Nicole Welch attended the conference and give their thoughts on the arguments raised by the parties, the concerns addressed by the Court, and the possible outcome of the case.


Phillips & Associates attends the NELA/NY 2015 summer softball game in Central Park

NELA/NY, the local affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association ("NELA"), promotes the workplace rights of individual employees through legislation, a legal referral service, and other activities, with an emphasis on the special challenges presented by New York's employment laws. For more information on NELA/NY go to

Attorneys at Our Firm

Lesbian UPS Employee wins $100,000 against UPS for Discrimination

June 18, 2015 was a day of celebration for Tameeka Roberts. With the assistance of her attorneys Alex Umansky and Jessena Maldonado of Phillips & Associates, Roberts obtained a jury verdict of $100,000 for being discriminated against and by her supervisor, Donald Woodard, due to her sexual orientation while employed at United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS). The jury verdict was upheld by the Court on July 27, 2015. Roberts v. UPS, 2015 WL 4509994 (E.D.N.Y., July 27, 2015). Read More...

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates Attends the Spring 2015 NELA/NY Conference

Nicole Welch, Marjorie Mesidor and Joshua Frank attend the New York City Conference on Representing Employees at the Yale Club. Nicole Welch was a panelist discussing Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence. Marjorie Mesidor panelist discussing Cross Examination.

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates Firm Gathering at Bobby Van's Grill & Steakhouse

Disability Discrimination

Phillips & Associates: Plaintiff Awarded $250,000 for Disability Discrimination and Retaliation

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, following a trial conducted by Judge Lorna G. Schofield in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, a jury found Charles H. Greenthal Management and 800 Grand Concourse Owners, Inc. in violation of state and federal law. Defendants discriminated against Richard A. Fields due to his disability and retaliated against him when he engaged in protected conduct. Read More...

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates Attends the NELA-NY Annual Gala

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates Attends The New York City Conference on Representing Employees.

Employment discrimination attorneys Joshua Frank and Casey Wolnowski attended the NELA/NY fall employment law conference at the Yale Club in New York.


Phillips & Associates attends the NELA/NY softball game in Central Park

NELA/NY, the local affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association ("NELA"), promotes the workplace rights of individual employees through legislation, a legal referral service, and other activities, with an emphasis on the special challenges presented by New York's employment laws. For more information on NELA/NY go to

Attorneys at Our Firm

Phillips & Associates: Queens Man Awarded $40,000 for Sexual Harassment by Female Boss

Sexual harassment in the workplace does not always involve a male superior harassing a female subordinate. Phillips & Associates employment attorneys, Edward Kennedy and Jesse Rose recently obtained a $40,000 jury verdict in a case of a female supervisor engaging in illegal sexual harassment and retaliation against a male subordinate. Read More...

Jesse Rose

Plaintiff Fired Within an Hour of Reporting Sexual Harassment Wins $50,000 Jury Verdict

Attorney Jesse Rose, Of Counsel to Phillips & Associates addresses the jury during the Echevarria v. Insight Medical trial in Federal Court. Ms Echevarria’s lawsuit alleged sexual harassment and retaliatory discharge in violation of both state and federal law. The jury found in favor of Ms. Echevarria and against Insight Medical, P.C. to the tune of $50,000.

Attorneys at Our Firm Phillips & Associates attends the National Employment Lawyers Association's 2014 Annual Convention

Phillips & Associates attends the National Employment Lawyers Association's 2014 Annual Convention to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964

Phillips & Associates attorney, Marjorie Mesidor with Percy Green. Mr. Green was the plaintiff in the seminal employment law case, McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green.

Marjorie Mesidor

Phillips & Associates Lead Counsel Admitted to United States Supreme Court Bar

Marjorie Mesidor has been admitted to the Supreme Court Bar, the highest Bar in the United States. Mesidor is the Lead Counsel at Phillips & Associates, a New York employment law firm. Read More...

Client Reviews
I had an excellent experience with these team!. Thanks, Marjorie, Brittany, and Candy for your great support and prompt answer to all my questions. I highly recommend this firm. This team works very hard and I am extremely happy with the results.
They were articulate, compassionate, persistent, and they wrote superbly. I felt as if they were truly in my corner, and I have recommended them to others. Susan
Mr. Phillips law firm is dedicated to providing excellent service. Your case is explained step by step. All questions and concerns are addressed promptly and accurately. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend Mr. Phillips. Ingrit
They are the best... I am so grateful to them for their help and support... and I wish them the best...special thanks to Mr. Ed Kennedy and Mr. Phillip. Karim
I highly recommend Phillips and Associates for sexual harassment and discrimination matters. They have a great staff of attorneys who are very professional and personable. They care about their clients and are knowledgeable in the law. Milana